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PMT Rescue charmed beaded kurrang wrang

PMT Rescue charmed beaded kurrang wrang

£6.00 £3.00


I have kurrang wrangs available which are made from brightly colourred strings with beads - these are intended to be worn on the wrists or ankles and the price stated inclusive of postage to anywhere in the world.

You simply tie these on, trim off the excess strings and seal the knot carefully with a little warm wax (if you want to of course). Keep them on and they increase in power with each day that passes.

Colours vary depending on the situation.

Your kurrang wrang will be made during the part of the night when the moon is at her strongest and then packaged up for you and sent out within the next two days.

These kurrang wrangs are all personally made by me, Caroline Millar and are very effective.