About me

I'm Caroline Millar, a talented Green Witch from the heart of Derbyshire. I was taught the art by my mother as she was taught by her mother before her, back through all the generations as far as anyone can trace. It seems that all the females in my family have always been Witches and are still.
I have been a practicing Green Witch now for over 35 years. All of my learnings are from a family chest that has been passed down through the generations and contains spells, charms and formulas long since forgotten or never learned by other Witches.
Why not have a look at the services that I offer and see how I might be able to help make a positive change to your life.
For those of you who are wondering what a Green Witch is, I'm Wiccan. I believe in the power of three and the threefold law which is to say that I only ever cast in love and light and will not change someone's free will as I firmly believe that every intention that is sent out (good or bad) comes back threefold.
I'm also a gifted, natural healer and an empath which makes linking with my clients when casting very easy - this means that you don't have to be with me when I cast for you. In fact, I can cast for anyone in the world and the effects will still be as powerful. Feel free to browse my guestbook if you would like some assurance.
Love and bright blessings,
Caroline Millar xxx

I only ever cast in love and light to bring goodness to people's lives, I can help to change lives for the better.