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Fertility charmed bath bom

Fertility charmed bath bom


A bath bom made by Caroline Millar during the cast of a fertility charm


These beautifully scented and skin conditioning bath boms are made and charmed by me during the part of the night when the moon is at her strongest.

They will then be very carefully packaged to avoid damage and then they will be sent out to you via first class postage or air mail depending on where you live. The price you see is fully inclusive of postage and packaging as well as the time it takes me to get to the post office.

All you need do is drop or place it in to a bath full of lovely, warm water and slide in. Then just simply lounge there while you feel the power of the spell soaking in to you. 10 minutes should do it if you're in a rush. Personally, I love to lounge, maybe even read a book or listen to some music.

You can have a bath as you usually would after a minimum of 10 minutes and then simply get out and dry off as you usually would.

The very next day, you will already be feeling the effect of this powerfully charmed bomb.

My bombs are as powerful as my other charmed items as well as my personal spell casts.

I've not sold these before (only used them for family and friends) because of the time it takes to make them but my life has recently taken a very drastic yet wonderful turn and I'm now finding that I have much more free time and I enjoy making these so why not?

These are all hand made so the colours and fragrances will vary.