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Ease of monetary issues purse charm

Ease of monetary issues purse charm

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This beautiful, little charm will be personally charmed by me (Caroline Millar) with a spell that will keep your money in your purse - not literally because you may need to spend some but for each pound that goes out for example, one will return and so on.

The little charm will keep your money company and they will each be different (as pictured) so I will send you one that I feel is appropriate.

 If you'd like to, you can email me at [email protected] to tell me a little about yourself ie hobbies and interests before I create your charm.

I have a money charm in a vase in my house and I only ever spend notes. Each time I come in, I drop the change in the vase and when it's almost overflowing, I cash it in to my bank but it's really quite amazing how fast that happens.

Why not do the same as me? It's great how it works. Infact, you could have one for your purse and one for a vase in your house - that would be the best way.

 In fact, that's just given me a thought so I'll be asking my sister to charm one for me tonight so that I have one for my purse also. That might stop me frittering all my money away hehehe