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Confidence spell candle charmed by Caroline Millar

Confidence spell candle charmed by Caroline Millar

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This is a tea light candle that is made with soya wax so they are animal friendly.

My charmed spell candles come in various colours and they may be fragranced so please don't buy these if you have a very sensitive nose.

They are charmed by me personally during the part of the night when the moon is at her strongest.

All you must do is put your candle on a coaster or in a holder, carefully light it and sit back. Just look at the flame as you think abnout the purpose for the candle and then you can just carry on with your evening as the tea light is lit but never leave a burning candle unattended.

You will immediately feel the benefit of your candle and over the next three weeks, the difference will be really quite asstounding.

The price you see includes careful packaging and of course postage.