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Heal a broken heart personal spell cast by Caroline Millar

Heal a broken heart personal spell cast by Caroline Millar



I source and provide everything needed for your spell and then I link in with you at a time which is best to suit our needs. I will then begin to meditate on your situation once we have a strong connection before casting a circle for your spell to be cast in.


After your spell has been cast, I will then break the connection with you before heading out into my garden to bury the remnants of your spell in the ground in a place where I see fit, for example near lavender for harmony, sage for communication, brambles for protection etc. but I won't be able to tell you where I'm going to bury your remnants beforehand as this is part of what I was taught. It's often the case that I feel almost a physical pull as I head out there with the remnants, as though Mother Nature herself is guiding me. So I will bury the remnants of your spell before heading off to bed.


The next day once I'm up and about and this can often be in the late afternoon or early evening after I've been awake casting all night, I will contact you by email. I'll tell you how everything went first of all and if I picked anything up while I was linked in with you, I'll tell you that too. I'll then let you know where I decided to bury the remnants of your spell and give you the reason for that i.e. what extra thing can be gained from the area I was drawn to. I will then explain to you in detail the simple closing instructions so that you can close your spell as you go to bed at night. It's just a few words and a little visualisation so it's rather like it is when you read a book and you imagine the scene in your head. Very straight forward.


You'll find also that more often that not, I'm always available to reply to any emails that you send me answering any questions that you may have within twelve hours and that's the outside figure as more often than not, I am available and will be here to hold your hand and walk you through everything.


I do feel that people find it easier to dicuss their problems and fears with someone that they don't see at work or at a family gathering for example.


Anything and everything you ever say to me is treated as highly confidential and will never leave my lips, you can have faith in that.


Once you've bought your spell, all you need do is email me at [email protected] and I will need several things;


A photo or very detailed physical description


Your full name


Your date of birth


What you do for a living


Your hobbies and interests


Details of who you live with (including pets)


Your favourite colour


Your favourite food


and finally, the reason why you need my help.


I will then reply to your email as soon as I see it to confirm that I have indeed received your order as well as all of your details and I'll tell you what the plan is i.e. when I will be casting for you and why I have chosen thst particular time.


I'm aware that it's often the case that people charge thousands of pounds when offering a very similar thing to what I myself do and I agree that if people are prepared to pay it, that is their decision and God gave us the power of free will.


Now, I've nothing against these people that charge thousands of pounds because at the end of the day if you want just one thing in your life that you can't have and they can give it to you, then why not? A thoiusand pounds or even five thousand pounds is a drop in the ocean when eternal happiness is what you'll receive for it. Think about it.


I myself don't choose to prosper from other people's misfortune. I simply ask for enough money to cover the cost of the ingredients used in your spells plus a very small token for my time and I'm happy with that as your email with thanks and details of your happiness is quite enough for me.