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Reverse on of MY personal spell casts

Reverse on of MY personal spell casts



If I have cast a spell for you in the past and you have now changed your mind about it and want me to undo it for you, I can do but it is a long and draw-out process that will take me all night as I automatiacally protect all the spells that I cast so that they can't be tampered with by outside forces.

Once payment has been made, I'll need you to email me with your details to [email protected]

I'll need;

Your full name

Date of birth

What you do for a living

Your hobbies and interests

Your favourite colour and food

Details of who you live with including pets

A photo or detailed, physical description

and tell me what I cast for you and when and why it is that you changed your mind about it. I'll also need all the personal details again of the people that were involved in the personal spell cast.