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Break a hex that was cast on you

Break a hex that was cast on you



These are spells that are cast by me on your behalf. I source the ingredients, prepare a casting circle and then link with you during meditation for around an hour during the part of the night when the moon is at her strongest.

Once the link is strong, I begin your personal spell cast. The next day, I will email you to let you know how it all went and to give you the simple closing instructions - it's just a little bit of visualisation and a few words and you will close the spell that night when you go to bed.

You'll also be told about anything else that you need to do or avoid doing for the spell to work at it's best.

Once payment has been made, I'll need you to email me with your details to [email protected]

The details I will need are;

Your full name

Date of birth

What you do for a living

Your hobbies and interests

Your favourite colour and food

Details of who you live with including pets

A photo or detailed, physical description

If you have any idea who may have hexed you or why it would be good to know as much about the situation as possible.