This guestbook is only intended for the comments from my actual customers so the people from all of the shady websites that try to rip people off should stop trying to tell people how this Dr whoever is fantastic and giving his address when it's the same as your own!

Pathetic. It will never show on my site until I have checked it and agreed to it so you might as well stop trying as there are around 20 on there every time I check the guestbook enties to verify them and I will never verify yours, you pathetic, selfish scammers.

Very sad. You should be ashamed of yourselves. For every minute you waste of mine now, deleting all your fake rubbish, three minutes of yours will be wasted so think on now.

For my real, lovely customers who I've helped to change their life in a positive way, please forgive the rant but this has been going on for 3 years now and it's starting to really annoy me, hence the wiccan law being called upon to help me but please do continue to add your own guestbook enrty. It really does mean the world  to me as it helps to show the work that a real Green Witch can do to help vulnerable people (the people that this Dr whoever target as weak prey. Disgusting.

The scammers are so lucky that I'm Wiccan.

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