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Ease of monetary issues mobile phone charm

Ease of monetary issues mobile phone charm

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These are beautiful, little charm that are designed to fit on to your phone with a little strap that's attachad to the charm - they fit through the tiny anchor that most mobile phones have so please do check your phone first before you buy one - it's kind of like just a little gap that you put the chord through and then you slide your charm through it's own chord and it just securely hangs there.

Thhey are various colours depending on what it's intended for.

This one is yellow.

The one pictured is simply so that you can have an idea of them because they're all hand made and charmed at the time of creation so each one is completely different from the next but I promise you that the one that you recieve will be as pretty as the one pictured if not prettier.

They are also decorated with little paintings on the charms so they are very pretty and nobody would have any idea what they are for (unless you CHOOSE to tell them) because they will just be passed off as a decoration for your mobile phone.